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Thanks Citgo2007-02-04 10:48:27saffron

Chavez has been totally mis-characterized by so many. We have serious threats of terrorism from many sources but Chavez and Venezuala are not amongst them. There is no threat from Venezuala, but rather just the opposite. If you examine Chavez rhetoric you will find that he continually says he is a friend of the USA. It is George Bush that he despises. If you were Chavez, a popularly elected President in a Democratic election, and the President of the United States sponsored a coup against you with the intent to kill you, how would you feel? The fact is that Chavez has reached out and provided huge quantities of low cost heating fuel to tens of thousands of Americans at very low prices. Has a middle-eastern oil producing state ever made such an initiative? We have enough enemies in the world without creating one in Venezuala that does not exist. Our problem with Venezuala is not Chavez, but rather President Bush. Wars and coups do not win friends and entice our critics. I think it is quite predictable that when we get a Democrat in the White House in '08 our relationship with Venezualla will not only normalize but become a close and mutually rewarding one.