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Chicken Farms Issue2006-02-23 06:36:00mayoryag

Hi there. I am the Mayor of Montpelier Ohio and last night at our County Mayor's meeting we discussed this same issue. It appears the Fremont Farms is looking right in out back yard. Our Mayors group are all in agreement that we need to actively be pro-active and start alerting the residents on what is going on. Could anyone provide me with additional information on this issue? Thanks, Steve Yagelski, Mayor, Village of Montpelier

People screamed; Fremont Farms moved on2006-02-23 00:17:04bdavis

I came across your posts. I thought I'd bring you up to date. Fremont Farms is looking again in Northern Ohio near Bryan. They gave up on Indian Lake. Too many people screamed.
Updated: 2006-03-14 11:04:48