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Freemont Farms is not wanted here2005-10-27 22:15:57jclmjl

Fremont Farms of Iowa is planning on purchasing 200 acres of farmland within feet of our new home. There are several homes surrounding these acres and even a century old active country church. Please encourage Freemont Farms to go somewhere else that is less populated and not within two-three miles of public k-12 schools.

Learning about Freemont Farms2005-10-24 20:07:35mpgarr

Readers of this site may be interested to know: Freemont Farms has plans afoot to construct a new egg production farm in a rural part of west central Ohio. Plans for the new "farm" were disclosed to the public not by the company. Someone working for the local power company was the one who gave up the goods. This person was reportedly sent out to determine what equipment the utility would have to install in order to meet the needs of the egg farm. Company plans call for the construction of 24 buildings housing 6 million birds on a 200-acre site. There will be a nine-acre manure lagoon constructed on the site as well. The land is located in the water shed of the Great Miami River. The Great Miami River formally begins just a few miles west of the farm site just at a point below a man-made recreational lake. The lake has been an Ohio state park since 1898. Many people have summer homes along the lake as well as a growing permanent population drawn to the region in large part thanks to the construction of a number of Honda auto, motorcycle and car component plants in the past decade or so. The jobs provided by Honda and its parts supply system are good ones. They provide good pay, good benefits and make it possible for folks to get ahead in the world, something I strongly doubt that those offered by Freemont do. The Great Miami River flows about 100 miles or so south, where it merges with the Ohio River. Along the way, the The GMR flows past a number of towns large and small. Some rely upon the river for drinking water and other uses. The immediate area where the farm is located is subject to recurring flood events. For a variety of reasons, I don't believe the Lewistown site is appropriate for locating a new Freemont facility. In my estimation, Freemont's proposal to build this farm is a raw deal for the area, excepting, the owners of the property who have reportedly agreed to sell their land for a cool $1 mill and of course--Freemont Farms. Updated: 2005-10-24 08:08:54Updated: 2005-10-24 08:12:56Updated: 2005-10-24 08:14:45Updated: 2005-10-24 08:18:09
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