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MoDNR /environmentalists face off in court2006-07-01 13:56:36jmiller

Last year, the Sierra Club testified before MoDNR that CU’s [Springfield's City Utilities'] air pollution permit for the Southwest 2 power plant should not be granted because, among other things, CU fails to include the best available control technology (BACT) in their application. The permit was granted and Sierra Club and Linda Chipperfield filed an appeal. CU and MoDNR both filed responses. Our case is now going to be heard in state court.

DNR fosters selective economic development2006-07-01 10:00:43davidf

Thanks for speaking out on this issue. There are so many issues where the DNR has failed to represent the people and instead used "economic development" as more beneficial in their cost/benefit analysis. Health issues, recreation, tourism seem to be pushed aside in order to maintain a "vibrant" chicken industry just across the border from Oklahoma. When over 3,000 people signed a petition to stop the expansion of Moark, but it still gets the go ahead from the state, something is terribly wrong.