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Letter to Obama2008-10-23 17:22:08grann

Margaret, I am responding to your letter to Obama. I wish you actually would send it directly to him and his campaign. I must say though, that most of your concerns and allegations are unfounded or Obama himself has explained many, many times. Makes me wonder how much you know about McCain. I am sure if you went to Harvard, or those other colleges and any place where the senator has been a member or attended school or worked you can request anything. Some of us have heard more about him than you have, for example he released his medical records immediately after he became the nominee. You are so wrong about taxes. It is obvious you are listening to McCain and the Gop. They take Obama's proposal and plans and twist it to fit their messages at the moment. It has become such a shame on the GOP and I think McCain has lost his SOUL in the campaign. I wish I could hear his own ideas instead of insisting on his opponent's "bad" ideas. Before you judge so fast based on what "you have been advised" about, I would take a second look at WHERE Obama is getting his ideas, the experts surrounding his campaign from foreign policy to economic policies. On the contrary, look at where McCain gets his ideas - in his sleep I believe. Every day is something different. I haven't heard even one expert come up to support McCain's economic policies. Because he doesn't have any and obviously doesn't know how. Even Romney said McCain is yet to come up with something real on the economy! All he keeps saying is how he will make it all better but nothing concrete. Obama on the other hand laid it all out and he is supported and advised by some of the smartest brains in the country both left and right and in the middle. I don't know about you but I would rather have a man or woman in the white house who does not rely on his or her own ability but can sit down with EXPERTS and tackle the problem. McCain thinks he knows it all. I understand your concern on taxes. Unfortunately the government does have to have some revenues in order to function. If you have children, just think about them and your grandchildren. What are we doing to them running the deficit out of control? What Bush did this last 8 years is totally irresponsible. At the pace things are going, can you imagine where we will be even in just another year if we don't do things differently? McCain says he will either eliminate or cut all taxes. It sounds so good but it is a TERRIBLE move as far as the country is concern. He is either lying or doesn't know how the government actually works. IT HAS TO HAVE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE WAR, AND OTHER THINGS JUST SO IT CAN FUNCTION. We can't expect the government to balance the budget and reduce the humongous deficit and at the same time we don't want to pay any taxes. Yes the govt waste money but you can only cut spending by so much. John McCain will either not be able to cut taxes or he will double and triple the deficit in four years if he did. That is common sense and that is exactly what Bush did and that's why we are where we are today. It is the worst time for any responsible leader to be talking about cutting taxes unless it promotes J.O.B.S in the case of small to medium sized businesses just like Obama is going to do. And by the way he is not going to raise any of those taxes you mentioned. Please check your sources. I think we can argue many things. My point is this, we need to hear from the candidates themselves and have the non-bias judgmental approach in order to make a good choice here. If you want to judge Obama, listen to him or read directly from his website. That's what I have done with McCain and I have come to the conclusion that he is not the right person to lead us out of this mess right now. He is a good man but he doesn't really know (sorry that may sound belittling) but it is true. These times need a sharp mind, who can capitalize on the vast resources that are available. It calls for UNITY so that we can figure out our way out of the mess created divisive and proud individuals who thought they knew it all. We can't afford to do it again. I hope we all make the right decision. ann