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Addenda2002-09-24 23:31:25mariwinn

I don't know what possessed me to add my comments at the MPSC hearing, but when Nancy Dippell, Senior Judge, asked if there was anyone else present who wished to speak, I couldn't resist. Maybe, it was the time of the month. Maybe, I shouldn't be taking the course in International Terrorism. And, maybe I was just angered by Mr. Braman's comments, that as a residential consumer, he thought that a $5-$10 increase on a monthly basis was not important.

After hearing comments made by the remaining people who testified, many on fixed incomes, I was moved by their deep concern for how a 9% rate hike would affect their livelihood.

The TV people had left. The Joplin Globe reporter apparently had closed his notebook. But there I was defending the average Joplin citizen.

And it's not that I don't understand and appreciate the importance of Empire District's contributions to the community--their name is at the top of the list of contributors of just about everything--it's just that I don't understand where all the money they contribute is coming from. The dollar figures for these contributions do not appear in their annual reports or SEC filings...unless under the all consuming and unusually large figures appearing under the category of "other." And I wanted to say that I didn't think that the sum total of Empire's consumers should be supporting a rate hike which would subsidize their generosity and the special privileges that their generosity might bring to their senior staff.

The round of applause that I received was touching. Thank you.