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Local reader2003-02-25 11:28:12julie

I am very disappointed in the OLC. By his own actions, Aaron Buerge has become a negative calling card for charitable functions. A person appearing in reality TV does not make him a worthy individual to represent this fine organization. The mentioned function on January 21st was prior to the negative publicity concerning Mr. Buerge. A geniunely nice person would not have acted as Mr. Buerge has done in the public eye. Case in a Cyber Playboy Bunny. I would not want him to be a role model for my son. Personal scruples and good character should determine what individuals are approached for charitable fundraisers. It is my plea that other organizations cease to contact Mr. Buerge with offers for his personal gain and publicity for his restaurant.

Not a good role model2003-02-24 00:17:30cindy

You said: I guess any time you get in the public eye there will be both positive and negative responses. WELL, Aaron has brought negative publicity on himself by lying to, using, and disrespecting a fellow human being. He definitely has a mean streak. Two psychologists have already labeled him as being shallow. I don't think he's the type of person that young people should look up to at all. Find someone who has respect for people, a person with honesty, kindness, and integrity.