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Dating Partner=poor character for Aaron2003-03-03 08:52:04kimberly

Aaron continues to show his true colors by dating a woman who poses for pornographic magazines for a living. The choice of a dating partner says a lot about a person's character and standards. Aaron continues to prove his character as less than desirable for anyone who wants to be a role model or associated with a reputable organization. Please...let this guy fade into the background.

Playboy Bunny2003-03-02 12:11:10fan74

I could not agree with you more concerne Aaron is definitely not a person that I would want for a role model of our youth today.

Playboy bunny2003-03-01 14:00:31concerne

I'm sorry but I have to agree. I don't think the OLC should be promoting a man who is involved with a playboy bunny. Her nude picture is on the internet for all to see. I don't want my son to look up to Aaron at all.

Aaron blew it2003-02-28 22:50:06formerfa

I agree that Aaron is a big disappointment to those people who thought he was an honest and sincere person. It's also hard to fathom how a man could be so publically cold and abrasive to a woman who was just a few months ago the "love of his life." His attempt to criticize his fiancee on tv has backfired on him. It's true that we reap what we sow. Hopefully Aaron has learned a lesson from all this but I doubt it.