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Trolley's atmosphere zero2003-03-12 10:04:08anon

There was a small picture of Trolley's in a recent issue of US magazine. It was taken on Valentine's Day. If you look closely at the picture you will notice Trolley's is lacking in atmosphere. The place,like Aaron, seems to have zero personality. A real somber feel and Mr. Buerge wasn't even at the piano! Ahh Karma it's such a wonderful thing.

Hell over Trolley's2003-03-04 18:02:17kristin

Aaron, you are a loser. I would rather rot in hell then have dinner in your dumb ass restaurant. I am upset with Aaron because I feel that he misled Helene. He seems like a big loser and a big player who loved the spotlight. Everyone I know thinks he is a big jerk. I thought what he did to Helene before she took him to the airport was horrible!!!!!! America thinks he is a pig!