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In defense of free speech2003-04-09 10:49:52dsimpson

[Remarks by Dr. Dale W. Simpson, head of the MSSC Dept. of English and Philosophy] Professors Dworkin, Kumbier, and others on this campus have taken pot-shots because they voiced their opposition to the war and advocated continuing to find a peaceful solution. They are hardly anti-American in peacefully calling for an alternative to war. And now that our soldiers have engaged the Iraqis in battle, Professors Dworkin and Kumbier are hardly opposed to the welfare of our troops. Nor are they supporters of Saddam Hussein, as the worst of their detractors have charged. Though the reaction was not unexpected, it stills saddens me that speaking any kind of criticism against our government's foreign policy is taken to be support for an evil regime...Reactionary letters continue to be published in the Globe and will until this war is over and becomes old news.