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Notes on Nodler2003-04-09 11:04:15ma-earth

If Missouri State Senator Gary Nodler believes in what he is saying, then I think that he is misguided. If the senator is pandering to get more votes, then he is walking a political tightrope.

Comments from Dr. Dworkin2003-04-08 08:10:26mariwinn

Thanks for writing the piece, Mari, and thanks for sending me the link. I hadn't heard about that particular rally. I did hear rep. Nodler on TV being quoted as saying there's no way you can "support the troops" without supporting the war; he also said you're either for the war or for genocide, rape, murder, and torture! My basic thought about all this is that it's sad so many people need to read the world in black and white. It makes the value of education all the more apparent, but, unfortunately, just having a college degree doesn't seem to ensure the capacity for critical thinking..... It's EXTREMELY sad that people can claim to be proud of the patriots who've fought for free speech and yet be ashamed of the patriots who exercise that right! My favorite moment from the "Week of Peace" around the flagpole at MSSC last week was a discussion on Friday with some high school students, one in particular who supports the war; at least he was willing to engage in a rational debate about the complex issues involved.