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Empty words2003-05-09 18:46:27arieh

You know the Middle East is in the news now with talk about peace. That reminds me of an old joke: A monologue is one person talking to himself, a dialog is two people talking to themselves, but wishful thinking is when talking centers around a peace process with those Palestinians. The hate and rage is beyond human reason.

About time that Super Power takes the lead2003-05-09 11:15:18marvin

It seems that you are anti-war for our defense of eliminating an individual like Sadam. It is important to note that terror was born from that geographical location of the globe. The USA has had a shut eye to the problems faced by Israel up till the "big bang" of September 11. It is time that a Super Power takes the lead to rid the problem of this cancer to society. I therefore disagree with the article.....
Updated: 2003-05-09 11:16:14