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More thoughts on Larry Sellers2005-07-28 19:42:28regina

Two years ago while I had a broken leg and couldn't do my job I switched the television on. I found a TV-show called Dr. Quinn. After a while I understood the story taking place at the end of the 19th century in Colorado. When I saw the Indian in the screenplay I thought: "How funny: They found an actor who really looks like an Indian! Or is it possible that he is." I found the name of the actor - I never heard about him (sorry Mr. Sellers). But now I changed from one homepage to the next and learned a lot about the American Indians, their culture and their history. You must know that we don't know so much about them here in Europe. In one of the articles the conflict between the Indians and the white American society is compared with the German holocaust and I thought about writing you what the holocaust means to my generation and why it is different to the situation of the Indians. But then I considered: Why should an American newspaper be interested in the opinion of a German? The more I got to know about the work of Mr. Sellers the more I thought: "Wow - what a man! But then I found the letter of Mr. Dave Ferreira, the spouse of Larry Sellers ex-wife and thought: I knew it! The poor lady - she kissed a prince and got a frog! Today - two years later - I just had an accident and a broken leg again - I came back to your homepage and found the comments on Mr. Ferreira's letter and decided to write some lines to him and his wife. I know their situation from my own experiences: In 1983 I married a professor of philosophy. We had a daughter. He was a beautiful and charismatic man, always charming and with perfect manners. His students adored him (specially the girls!). But I had to accept quite soon, that I married a hero but got just a man. I left him when our daughter was two and a half years old. The next years were really hard. I worked 40 hours a week and finished my university exams. And, because my husband got sick before we got divorced, I had to support him with about $150,000 during 15 years. In the meantime he had one romantic relationship after the other. I can't remember how I could be strong enough never to say a bad word about him to my daughter, but I well remember how it hurt me when she came back from him - happy and excited because she had a good time with him while I had to care for her school works, the dates with the dentist and every other problem. But I got my reward 10 years later when she was 18 years old and I could tell her about the situation with her father. She told me, that she always knew about his difficult character and my problems with him and that she often wanted to tell me but at 6 she didn't knew the right words. And she also said that her father for her was the gate to her identity but her real father who cared for her was the man I married when she was 6 years old. What I want to say to the Ferreiras is: Your three children need her father and they need him as a hero. So you should try to paint a good picture of him. Don't let them read bad news about him in the newspaper. Forget the money - you will never get it and try to forgive him. If I look at the photos of Larry Sellers and the stories about him I suppose there must be some good memories. Keep them in your heart, live your own life and don't forget that he does a lot of good and important things every day. Greetings from Germany and thank you for the finding that men are the same all over the world.-- Regina M. Hannover, Germany

Deeds, not words2003-09-16 14:01:10dferreir

Mr. Sellers should practice more of what he preaches. He continually speaks of parenting and nuturing children, yet is he resolutely unconcerned with the care and basic needs of the children he has fathered. As the person who 3 of his children now think of as "father" I can personally atest to the fact that he is over $88,000 behind on child support, allowed their medical insurance to be cancelled without even so much as a word, and never inquires as to whether their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, medical care) are being met. He speaks of honor and duty to his people, and yet he is perhaps the most dishonorable man to his own family by not even attempting to care for them (and believe me when I say sending birthday and Christmas presents does nothing to cover their considerable medical expenses alone, let alone any other needs they have). In the divorce, Mr. Sellers was granted partially supervised visitation only based on untreated mental issues uncovered by a routine psychological workup. He calls his children infrequently (perhaps once to twice a month), cannot name a friend of theirs let alone schools they attend, teachers, etc. Yet he has full and open access to this information should he care to avail himself of this. Forgive me if I seem a tad bitter. I have read his insincere words for years now, and I am finding it more and more difficult to swallow. I am sure in some twisted sort of way he cares for his children, but in the long run using them as pawns to get back at their mother for leaving him and his abusive ways is an interesting way to show the concern. I will not speak of love, because the only person Mr. Sellers truly loves is himself. So why am I writing this? Because Mr. Sellers is now claiming to be disabled and therefore can't work. Yet he makes numerous appearances like these, pockets the money made and spews forth more and more racially biased diatribe - while I scramble to keep shoes on his kids' feet and food on their table. I urge organizations like yours to reconsider hiring Mr. Sellers for these kinds of events. It is a disservice to your customers and does not help Mr. Sellers confront the true issues he needs to deal with before he is able to speak on subjects like this.