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unadulterated love 2004-02-29 10:59:22ndnrmnd

Larry may well not be the parent that his x-wife's present husband wants him to be.....Money is a big issue in all divorces....having a family in the same household, a loving model family would not look to the past with such hate...look at all you have together as a loving family...many a successful person in life have little money but a lot of love. I suggest that this man stop striking out and realise the joys he has the opportunities to have that Larry will never have. Be satisfied with the growth you will acquire from being a supportive parent on the spot that Larry will never have. Be a good example for those children you care for and put aside your hate. HATE BREEDS. Do your children right and teach them love. Nonjudgemental love. Please overlook my bad spelling and long sentences....grab my meaning.