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Thanksgiving2005-11-23 09:58:56beatrice

Last night I’ve been chatting with an American friend. We have been talking about thanksgiving which we don’t celebrate in your way here in Europe. My friend is Cherokee and I asked him which way he will celebrate thanksgiving tomorrow and what it means to him. Here’s what he answered: “When the first pilgrims arrived New England in the 17th century they had to go through a very hard winter and half of them died. The rest of them probably would have died too without the Indian tribes in their neighbourhood who taught them to grow the native plants and how to survive in our land. The year after the pilgrims celebrated the rich harvest together with the Indians. This day I will be proud of my ancestors. They helped the people who were in need without expecting anything for it like every human should do. More than every other day I will be proud to be an Indian. This day I won’t think about the bad times we had to go through. I will just remember the good people I met on my way and will be thankful to call some of them my friends.” ----- That’s my friend and it’s me who is proud and thankful to know him! In my heart and in my thoughts I will be with him tomorrow. ----- Happy thanksgiving – to all of you.

The fears of white people2005-09-16 08:01:39beatrice

tacoda, read this. showarticle.cfm?SectionID=30&ItemID=8698 Yours Beatrice
Updated: 2005-10-09 09:02:02

Promote our culture2003-08-18 07:59:43tacoda

It's about time someone is openingly defending native peoples' rights. There's still the attitude around here that we, as redskins, are sub-human. With the number of people with Cherokee ancestry in the 4-states, local educators should help promote a greater understanding of our culture and spirituality. Share some of those government funds used to promote Hispanic this and Hispanic that.....