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How correct is Blunt?2003-10-22 20:33:32gwen

I would say that Blunt is probably correct in saying "the vote is 'the beginning of the turning tide in Iraq.'" We will have to spend more and more to maintain thinner and thinner shreds of control in Iraq. I couldn't be more in favor of trying to keep Americans safe and secure; unfortunately, the more we do in Iraq, the less safe and secure we will become. Daily casualties among the U.S. forces are just the beginning. I also agree with Blunt's statements: "History teaches us the consequences of failed policy (remember Viet Nam?). and "The United States is the greatest nation in the world, and with that status comes great responsibility. In a few short months, we brought freedom" from a nation's leader whom we had supported for 12 years or so in the face of opposition (by Shiite Muslims), we had encouraged to poison his own people (the Kurds) and had looked away when he asked if he could invade another country (Kuwait). And, "For as long as it takes to finish the job, it is our responsibility to continue to deliver hope, not foster an environment for ongoing destruction and despair", in spite of the fact that we were willing to impose death and despair on innocent Iraqi people for 12 years through the depleted uranium we left in the region and the sanctions which prevented Iraqis from getting the food and medicine they needed, between the first Gulf War and the second.