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Emotional passage missed2004-01-30 11:33:56mariwinn

Thanks, cfadams. I am disappointed, too. That is a very powerful passage. Thanks for sharing it with our viewers.
Updated: 2004-01-30 10:35:02

Avodath HaKodesh2004-01-29 21:23:45cfadams

I am disappointed that the reviewer of Avodath HaKodesh by Ernest Bloch did not quote from Bloch himself, something like the words accompanying the recording of the National Symhony Orchestra South Africa, Johannesburg Sunphony Choir CD, Elli Jaffe conductor: Bloch is quoted "...I have now memmorized entirely the whole Service in Hebrew...I know its significance word by word...But what is more important, I have absorbed it to the point that it has become mine, and as if it were the very expression of my soul...Igt has become the very text I was after since the age of ten...a dream of stars, of orces...I delcaim out loud, amidst the rocks and forest in the great silence...It has become a 'private affair' between God and me... "...I am battlling against notes, sounds, fhythms, to extripate out of my soul all the unexpressed music which is latent - since centuries which was awaiting ths marvelous text...Though intensely Jewish in its roots, this message seems to me above all a gift of Israel to the whole of manking." I first heard Sacred Service at about 20 years of age -- some 45 years ago -- (actually I played in the performanse from photographic copies of handwritten manuscripts), and the music is still among the most moving I have hear! Indeed Bloch's description is perfectly accurate, and expresses my feelings. Yes, I do have Bernstein's recording on vinyl, with Leonard Warren, and its sound quality is still surprisingly beter than the MUCH newer Jaffe CD, although the music transcends this performance. I am looking for a CD reissue of the Bernstein recording, but have not stumbled across it yet.