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Mad cow...any cow2004-01-08 13:44:59samiam

I just heard Bill Maher, the outspoken host on HBO, tell the women on "The View" that Mad Cow Disease should be the least of everyone's worries when it comes to eating meat. How many folks think about what might be in the food they eat when they take that first bite? Beef producers have to worry about keeping their herds out of harms way from a myriad of potentially fatal diseases. Certain pharmaceuticals that they use to do this may not only remain in the animal when it is slaughtered but also may get into the environment via animal feces. How safe are they? And what of the hormones that are used to fatten up the herd? How safe are they? Jeez, it kills me to see how easily the people are riled up over stuff they hear on the news but remain completely unmotivated in keeping thoroughly informed.