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CER quotes Kerry on the educational quagmire2004-01-28 17:22:21mariwinn

The Center for Education Reform (CER) in a newswire yesterday has called attention to twin speeches Senator John Kerry made in 1998 in Washington and Massachusetts. At that time not worrying about the effect the speeches would have on garnering votes from the educational milieu--administrations and teacher unions, CER has reported Kerry as saying that "school systems were 'imploding upon themselves,' beset with 'bloated bureaucracy' and 'stagnant administration.'" CER also in part has quoted Kerry as saying that "we had to 'end tenure as we know it' so incompetent teachers could be fired more easily' and that 'those going into teaching have the lowest SAT and ACT scores of any profession in the United States.'" CER hopes, of course, that Kerry has not softened from this position in which they have said Kerry concluded that "every school should be turned into a charter school so that parents would have more choice." To learn more about CER and educational reform, go to