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Problem with Obituary2007-01-07 21:11:15johnna

Oops! Someone neglected to print the name of Johnny Copeland's twin daugters, born in 1964, to the list of his relatives on his obituary! Johnette Cloud of Carrollton, Texas, and Johnna Miller of Colleyville, Texas. Birth certificates available upon request!

Help catch the hit-and-run driver2004-03-24 00:20:35mike

There's a lesson to be learned here...unfortunately too late for Irish. Should you get a flat tire on the interstate, get the vehicle to a safe spot away from the driving lanes. Use a cell phone to call for help. Don't walk along the roadside, especially wearing dark clothing. Some folks seem to steer their vehicles towards moving objects like moths to flames. Right now there's a felon out there with vehicular manslaughter on his conscience. He snuffed out the life of a man who was a friend to everyone. There's possibly other people who have seen the damage to his vehicle or who may have witnessed the occurance. Contact Sgt. Watson of the Missouri Highway Patrol at 417-359-1500 or the Jasper County Sheriff's Office at 417-358-2821.