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A tribute to Irish Johnny2004-04-23 14:28:45cruz

I'm a friend of Nancy Helton, sister of Irish Johnny, and a true boxing fan. Sorrow fills my heart for this boxer's end. Too many boxers,' as other entertainers,' lives end tragically. Not enough is done for the lifelong payment boxers and entertainers have paid for the love-of-job careers they have choosen. Not nearly get enough security they deserve for the plateau of life they have reached; never do get paid for the painstaking training in preparing for more pain and evenually brain damage. More respect is due for these entertainers. After they have given us the best years of their lives, the least we could do is not forget them. I never knew Johnny personally but I respect his life and what he did. I can relate to the fact that one day you're a star, the next day you're forgotten--nobody cares about the lives impacted by a personality like Irish Johnny. Money is not everything, but security is. Too many times enterainers are glorified for breaking the law, opposing the government (ALI), for murderous acts (ex-Football players), for drugs and rape (basketball players and boxers, too, but, not all and to the ones that are not affected, they should be memorialized like any other heroes as good citizens that did good for the community. What is wrong with this picture?? Why not remember them for the good instead of the bad and the ugly? Thanks, Irish Johnny, I wouldn't forget you. Just a Fan of Boxing and an entertainer. Thank You, Cruz Garza, Houston, Tx
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