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Advice for the candidates!2004-07-28 16:30:11shirl

I appreciated the help you've given us in the area of unwanted solicitation phone calls. However, during this campaign time, I've been receiving many intrusive and unwanted campaign calls. They seem to be specially timed to be made during meals. And, to make matters worse.. many are RECORDINGS! Not even the courtesy of a human voice. Is there anything you can do to stop these annoying calls? I personally will NOT vote for anyone from whom I get a recorded call. And that's unfortunate because some of them come from my own preferred party and candidates who I feel are well qualified otherwise. I think maybe they don't realize how insulting a recorded call is. I know it's a matter of time & money these days, but with me it's counter-productive. I'm sure other voting citizens feel likewise. Thank you for your efforts.