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Bush sparks new interest in voting2004-08-01 11:41:48mgrogg

Got to give Dubya credit, he has sparked a new interest in voting and politics. Lots of people signing up so that they could 'vote that &%$&^%$& moron out of office', and several people filling out the form to change party affiliation. I don't think we made any new Republicans yesterday. You know he has had an effect when a Korean war vet wearing a Sempre Fi hat changes party affiliation. That guy was so mad he could hardly talk straight. The FCAT *Florida comprehensive achievement tests are given in the spring; starting school in the summer gives the teachers more time to teach the answers to the students. They used to educate them, now they just teach to the test. Dubya's brother got ambushed a few weeks ago when a college student asked him one of the questions, and he couldn't answer it.