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The New Poor2004-08-24 23:50:55chiefh

Monday August 23, 2004 The New Poor Today, standing in line across the state of Ohio…(a Red State?) were literally hundreds of new faces, never before seen in these lines. Mind you, this was the day that the Overtime Law kicked in also, and will cut the average take home pay for millions of workers, who has already seen their weekly wages diminished by over $9.00 per week average in the past couple of years. Ohio has lost over a quarter of million of good paying manufacturing jobs…yep, all out sourced to other countries as an effort to build up the Global Economy …Our current administration including Mr. Snow claims this causes more jobs to be created here in the US! Well all they have had in OHIO and around our country is a snow job! Not even enough hamburger flipping jobs to put our graduation school kids to work. Who are the NEW Folks ….never before seen standing in Food Bank lines? Just recently, they owned their own homes, a couple of automobiles, a boat and paid their credit cards in full every month…Hard working families with an average of two children in school….they were the up and coming Middle Class. But their jobs were out sourced so as more jobs could be created here in our nation to keep all of our folks working and paying the bills….But again, just pure hard luck over took them and they lost everything…their homes, their automobiles, boats…had to default on their credit cards and file for bankruptcy….and today, they were standing in line at many food banks…everything was gone….now their dignity! These are the Faces of yesterdays Middle Class….Now the NEW POOR Class. Most did NOT seem to Happy with the situation or the New Overtime Law….and many mentioned that they were not happy with our president and Mr. Snow! Our own state of Missouri lost over 50 thousand non-fam related jobs and I.m sure that if not already coming to past it will soon and we here in Missouri will be in the same boat as Ohio! For which we can all thank the current administration in Washington, DC and our leaders..Sen. Kit Bond and Rep. Roy Blunt! Foks WE CAN DO BETTER! There is no doubt that it will not be long before the Food Banks will be using the well used sign of today….NO SPAM! Hollis Stanford 1316 East Lakewood Springfield, Missouri 65804 417-889-0641