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Jobs to Missouri2004-08-24 23:44:18chiefh

Hay Now....Sen. Bond is saying in an Ad that he SAVED 5,000 Jobs for Missouri!!!! Grin! Don't he wish!
Updated: 2004-08-24 10:45:01

Bond has Failed to bring Jobs to Missouri2004-08-24 02:14:03snj979s

Missouri lost 51,800 jobs in July! According to the Springfield News Leader (Aug. 21st) "Missouri had the nation's highest percentage of lost jobs, losing 1.9 percent of its seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll. The loss of 51,800 positions also led the country in terms of total jobs that disappeared." Bond has failed and it is time for new leadership! State Treasurer Nancy Farmer is just the lady to get it done:
Updated: 2004-08-24 01:15:27