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Joplin committee seeks to block fluroidation2004-08-29 13:18:19amdachel

This article was excellent. Too often "experts" are telling us to enhance our lives with things that seem like certain benefits, but may be a serious threat to our health. The article mentions Congressional hearings Sept 7 and 8, on the use of thimerosal (mercury) in infant and children's flu vaccines for this year. This is a deadly toxin. There are no safe amounts. We have 1.5 million autistic children in the US. The rate has gone from 1/10,000 ten years ago to 1/166 today as we've vaccinated children with more and more thimerosal. This increase of 17% a year means that in 10 more years, we'll have at least 4 million!! (Autism Society of America statistics) This is inexcusable and the social costs will be devastating!