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The will of the People2004-08-28 23:20:18drman317

It has somehow escaped most individuals in that people obtain power if-and-only-if (iff) they have been given such power away to others...such as elected individuals. Whenever such power is abused by those elected individuals it is the right, NO, it is the job of the people to vote such individuals out of office. PERIOD! People who abuse their position/s as voted into office by their constituents do not deserve a second chance. PERIOD. When such a message as this is finally conveyed to men and women who have been voted into office, in that they are to ACT as the tool of those who voted them into office, then and only then will this country begin to become what it can become, A nation for the People and By the people. PERIOD
Updated: 2004-08-29 12:59:08