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Free Chapter of 2004-08-30 06:17:06nyscof

Learn the fate of an objective scientist who tries to share her laboratory findings that fluoride can injure the brain by reading part of the first chapter of "The Fluoride Deception," for free, online at: Also wonder why the media always scares us away from ingesting too many vitamins; but rarely if ever cautions us away from fluoride.
Updated: 2004-08-30 10:32:08

Fluoride and I.Q.2004-08-29 22:47:13earl

In regard to the fluoride issue...there's quite a bit of damming evidence in professional journals and government documents for those openminded enough to investigate it. For those who have consumed fluoride and still favorably support it, I have a theory: maybe, they've already developed the degenerative brain tissue that their opponents have so often warned them about.