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A must-read book2004-08-29 22:20:55ma-earth

IS FLUORIDE REALLY ALL THAT SAFE? The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson, Seven Stories Press, 2004, 374 pages, $24.95 (ISBN 1-58322-526-9) "The Fluoride Deception" will leave any open-minded readers feeling uneasy about the acceptable levels of fluoride in drinking water, as well as the cumulative sources from dental hygiene products. But the deeper lessons of this story, going back to classified military research during World War II, are the book's insights into the threats to open inquiry in public health and environmental science. Premature closure of debate in science undercuts one of its unique features--a feature that distinguishes it from other forms of fixing belief--namely, science's self-correcting function. Without a scientific culture that supports reexamination of "no risk" results, however strongly held, we may find our public health and environmental policies resting on weak or faulty foundations, which can prolong our blindness to preventable illnesses. A review by Sheldon Krimsky for "Chemical & Engineering News," Aug. 16, 2004