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Yep2005-06-15 07:56:20jimr

He's baaaack! suing again because he lost. Let's se if history repeats itself in your town, good dedicated employees leave, good ole boys club.... spend spend

Evidence for previous post2005-01-06 19:40:39piquares

The last paragraph here supports my claim. Notice it said nothing about bringing employment opportunities to town.

Good Luck, Joplin!2005-01-06 19:34:42piquares

Mr. Rohr bankrupt our town in the short time he was with us. He did nothing for our economy--in fact, we are in much worse shape now than when he came. His main focus was on making our downtown area LOOK better. His obsession was our first "underwater" bike path that we are all sure will be washed away in a short time by the flooding of the river (which happens no less than twice each year, most years more than twice). With all of the projects that he committed us to, we now have no money to replace much needed equipment to help clear our streets in the winter. (We just had 20 inches of snow and no less than three of our six or seven trucks was broken down.) Why didn't anyone come forward to warn you? How else could we get rid of him so we could get industry back to town for our unemployed citizens? Thank you, Joplin! and good luck to you!