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Fluoride ingestion: a personal decision2006-10-28 13:57:46rkroboth

Anyone, who chooses, can use fluoride toothpaste and go to a dentist to receive fluoride treatments and a prescription for fluoride drops. Everyone is allowed to make conscientious decisions regarding themselves and their children. When fluoride treatment of public water supplies is mandated, advocates are saying that they know what is best for all of us and that the rest of us should not be allowed to make conscientious decisions regarding ourselves and our children. The corporations that benefit financially from fluoridation are the big contributors to unscrupulous, incompetent politicians and health boards in order to force fluoridation upon us.

Effects of fluoride consumption2006-10-23 16:15:16admin2

A book by Barry Groves entitled "Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death" reviews the science and salesmanship involved in the fluoride debate. There is no clear valid evidence of significant benefits from added fluoride consumption, while there are many independent studies showing a variety of potential negative mental and physical effects. This evidence has been available previously in some other texts and online information collections, and is beyond rational refutation. There are, of course, some really insecure people who just can't accept or admit that the government, medical, & dental authorities are spreading lies and contaminating the public water supplies. One reviewer claims that people who denounce fluoridation are opportunists seeking economic profit and getting paid thousands of dollars per event for speaking against fluoridation. To deny one conspiracy, this reviewer has invented his own conspiracy, based on no evidence. If speaking publicly against fluoride were financially lucrative, where areall the wealthy fluoride opponents and anti-fluoride ads? Of course, all the damning evidence about fluoride is in professional journals and government documents for anyone to see. Then again, maybe consuming so much fluoride made that person dumb enough to think fluoride is good and anyone against fluoride isn't - after all, fluoridation has been correlated with diminished IQs.--Jed Shlackman, Miami, FL