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Better good health than good teeth2004-10-03 13:09:06jodyo1

I just want to commend you on your article on the poison Fluoride. It is a poison and I am fluoride poisoned. It is good to hear people like you that have a voice and can get it out there. Most people don't have a clue how fluoride is going to damage their health. If they would just do the research and they too would be very afraid of fluoride and the damage it does to our body. Teeth is a lot less important to me than my body. What good is having good teeth(IF FLUORIDE DID HELP TEETH, and it doesn't)if your body is in pain all the time and you are too sick to eat with those pearly whites. Fluoride needs to be banned before we all die from it and live with pain before we die. Paulette Liles