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Don't be bamboozled, Carl Junction!2004-09-15 01:55:39mariwinn

OMG, Moss, are you saying that the Smiles people actually had the nerve to draw up their own ordinance for you alderman to rubber stamp? And they have the balls to call the people opposed to fluoridation Nazis and quacks...don't let them bamboozle you. Get the word out on the pros AND CONS of fluoridation! No one here can figure out what their agenda is other than some sort of powerplay. If they were so concerned about kids...especially the doctors and dentists with beaucoup bucks they would reach into their pockets and donate money to the local children's centers for improving the health and welfare of children. I just came from a Child Advocacy Forum about meth and kids. It's shocking how the health of so many kids has been threatened by this growing menace. It's almost laughbable to think that fluoridating the water will address the dental issues or the health of the poor kids in this area as the Smiles group so often suggests.

cj water2004-09-14 22:58:26mcmoss

I am a Carl Junction City Alderman in Ward 2. The Operation Smiles people asked to talk to the city council about fluoridation. They did talk about how we should put it in the water for the benefit of the children. And how safe it is. And how different health organizations back it. No real facts but how safe it is. If the people where given the choice that they would vote it down based on all of the false info out there. As the Elected Representatives of the city that we were to vote it in by ordinance. They already had an ordinance drawn up that the city supported its safety. That the city was to affirm that floridation was a deterrent to tooth decay and to promote public health and welfare. At the second meeting there was opposition to floridation. I think the citizens of Carl Junction should make the decision on what they think is safe to add to their drinking water. That is why I would like to see it put on the ballot for a vote of the people.
Updated: 2004-09-15 12:37:51