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Irish Anti-fluoridation movement2004-10-05 09:07:51maureenj

"Tapping into fury over fluoride" is the title of an Irish Independent article dated June 30, 2001. Like growing numbers of dentists, Dr. Nuala O’Neill is deeply disturbed that the whole country of Ireland is being medicated against their will with a potent drug and feels it is a violation of the primary principle of medical ethics, first do no harm, as well as the principle of informed consent. “People like myself working at the pit-face are still finding rampant tooth decay so you have to ask if fluoride is the wonder drug it's supposed to be, why isn't it doing its job? We are 6th in the WHO league of tooth quality behind four countries that don't fluoridate and the UK, which only fluoridates a very small part of its water supply. If fluoridation was so great, we would be in first place." Dr. O'Neill has been a Public Dental Officer with the Eastern Regional Health Authority for 22 years. Also a qualified barrister, most of her career as a dentist was spent in the Dublin suburb of Finglas, an area of people with lower socio-economic backgrounds. Today, Ireland stands alone in Europe as the only country to insist under law that drinking water contain fluoride. Seventy-three percent of Irish drinking water contains the drug which is added to prevent dental decay. Most other countries have rejected the practice because it is considered ineffective and unsafe.

good ridance2004-10-03 01:05:26george

hopefully you won't find any internet cafes in Europe. Your knee jerk reactions to the fluoridation debate won't be missed. I was in Ireland this summer and they have beautiful teeth.