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Hurray for progress2005-01-20 11:42:37ma-earth

Won't it only take the rezoning of one piece of property along 32nd St., east of Freeman Hospital before the rest of the residential property owners would want to have a piece of the money pie? It is unfortunate that these same property owners will not be compensated by the City of Joplin for the eventual appreciation of their land. I hope that the remaining property owners "do some serious horse trading" before they sell out to the out-of-town developers, including local investor-physicians, who seemed to have done all right investing in property on 32nd St. east of Main St. So, what's your guess for the commercial development of 32nd St. west of Main? Will there be more medical facilities, another strip mall with a video store, another branch of a bank, another fast food restaurant, or all of the above? I remember 32nd St. when it was simply a tree-lined residential area. No doubt, before that it was a dirt road. Hurray for the catalyst of traffic congestion. Hurray for progress...I think.