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Target's policy explained2005-02-03 19:20:30pt-g

My apologies for missing your deadline. Effective November 2004, Target implemented a new policy that limits the sale of certain over the counter psuedoephedrine-based cold, cough and allergy products to quantities of two. After we conducted the proper research surrounding this topic, and talked with law enforcement, we found our guests and the communities we serve would be positively affected by adopting a policy that limited pseudoephedrine purchases. We then structured our policy in a manner that is both consistent and fair for our guests. Target Stores will continue to uphold existing laws in states or localities where more restrictive limits are in place. Target shares concerns about the devastating effects of methamphetamine abuse. Target has a long history of working towards the health of our communities including a significant tradition of partnering with law enforcement at the federal, state and local levels.--Paula Thorton-Greear, spokesperson for Target Stores