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Coupon for a bandage from Saran Wrap2005-06-27 13:58:46mariwinn

...I am very sorry to learn of the cut you experienced, and your concerns about the packaging. All SC Johnson products are extensively evaluated for toxicity and safety. We are a family owned company that takes pride in producing thebest products at the best value for our consumers. Consumer research tests were conducted before marketing the product to make the package assafe as possible. This was a challenge, as the cutting edge had to be sharp enough to cut the film, yet not so sharp as to be hazardous to theuser. Cautionary statements are placed on the package near the cutting edge to indicate to consumers to exercise caution when using a productwith a sharp cutter. Your report has been forwarded to the appropriate people. We have recently redesigned both our wrap products and they are 30% thicker. Saran(tm) Premium has a new formula and a slide 'n cutdispenser that perhaps you may care to try. A coupon has been mailed to you as a token of our company's goodwill. Rest assured that SC Johnsonis committed to producing safe, high quality products that completely satisfy our consumers. Please feel free to contact us again with anyconcerns, comments or suggestions you may have to offer.--- Sandra E. Archer, Medical Response Product Manager.-- My counter-response: Thank you for your coupon. I'm not sure I understand what you have done to make your product safter other the original warning on the packaging., but I will use the coupon and try the product. You did mention a slide and cut dispensor. I cut my finger due to a freak accident in which the Saran box fell off the shelf. I cut myself when I went to catch the box from falling not thinking about an exposed blade edge. It seems as if in the design of the box that I have--the need to tear off the strip to open the lid-- exposes the cutting edge rather than having to detach the boxtop from a glue strip and allow the cover to come over the cutting edge and fasten back down (as in the Diamond aluminum foil box).