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Police Protective Fund pisses off North Carolinian2007-02-18 14:40:33tsavery

Just received a letter from the Police Protective Fund and called the local police dept. to ask about it. No one at the dept. has ever received any funds from this or has ever heard of anyone that has. They say to just give to the local police if you want to give. Also the web page it gives me on my paper is The return address is Dallas, Texas. Why would anyone in North Carolina want to have their donation go to another state? Something is wrong with this organization.

keep looking2006-12-28 13:18:14act46

Police Protective Fund uses most of its FUNDS to pay three or four "Corporate Officers." These officers are paid by three separate police "organizations"; check out Junior Police Academy, American Association of Police Officers as well... add up the numbers, see what these "good folks" are taking in per year in the name of police charity. Also... Most of the monies paid out are NOT going to "programs" but to other individuals who are listed as "INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS" --- if it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk....
Updated: 2006-12-28 02:38:13

Wrong letters2006-08-31 09:51:57ma-earth

Not aa, bb, etc. but b.s., alphabet. Who are you trying to "educate" --the people who hand over their hard earned money to charities such as the Police Protective Fund? Are you their PR man?

Alphabet again. 2006-08-31 03:30:58aabbccdd

I figured it out.... you just don't like the telemarketing thing and you just latched onto this group because it was a quick thing to write and everyone hates getting called at home. Further checking out their site there is a letter from Colonel Stottlemyre with the MSHP thanking them for their generosity. Again I say, it seems, somewhere, with someone they are making a difference.

Alphabet, I liked that. 2006-08-31 03:18:32aabbccdd

Have you even checked out their site? The general mission is educational materials and information. I am an educator I can see that the materials were quite expensive to produce. The information shared in the full course on Terrorism that is on their site is very extensive info and very very informative. Every citizen in MO. could benefit from this information and it is free on the site. It was of value to me that is all I am saying. By looking at the site extensively, which I assume you have not taken the time, I can definitely tell the value of the information is intrinsic. I would donate to them directly and that way they would not have to pay any fundraising fees. Also they have their current 2005 I.R.S. 990 posted on the site, they seem to have nothing to hide, I crunched the numbers and it looks like they are getting closer to the proper percentages for charities. From what I see on the web site, it seems they are trying to make a difference.Updated: 2006-08-31 03:19:36
Updated: 2006-08-31 03:20:23

Still say no to Police Protective Fund2006-08-30 23:30:16mariwinn

We don't trust what they website says, alphabet. This organization's fund-raising "costs" still zap most of the money it raises. Still seems rather fraudulent to me in spite of what little they may hand out that might be of benefit.

Just wondering2006-08-30 23:06:52aabbccdd

Has anyone bothered to check out their website, I saw this article and thought to see what they were all about. The site is at Their site is really informative and has a lot of information. I did notice that here in MO they paid a benefit for 2 police officers that died last year. They also have a lot of information that is probably really beneficial to law enforcement. Check it out for yourself.

Zero stars for Police Protective Fund2005-03-10 17:42:07miniutti

I recently saw your post "Telemarketer-solicited charity calls piss me off." The article said that the BBB Wise Giving Alliance had no information regarding the Police Protective Fund. Charity Navigator, America's largest independent charity evaluator ( does offer a review of this charity's financial health (it gets 0 out of a possible 4 stars). You can view it on our site here: We also have tips on how to deal with telephone calls from 'charitable' organizations: