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Police Protective Fund2007-09-26 10:59:32nina

Hello to everyone who reads this article. I am not from Joplin, but am from FL, and I am trying to inform everyone of what these people are doing. I am a former PPF employee, who was fired within the past 2 weeks. DO NOT give them money, and my suggestion would be not to give anyone money who calls you, PERIOD. They do not do with their money, what they say they do. The PPF is a scam and a half. They promise a $10,000.00 check to the FAMILIES of a police officer who dies in the line of duty. You have to register to be part of this benefit, and to date there has been one officer that anyone knows of that was enrolled, in MD, and the family got the money. yes this PPF sounds great, but if you're a police officer, your family gets nothing unless you die. To enroll is free for the officers, but the office I worked in is the office that STRICTLY calls MD, and they scam people enough everyday to bring in $10,000.00 a DAY. Due to first hand experience, PLEASE do NOT give ANYONE on the phone money. Whether they tell you its all done by mail, or not. Theyre trying to get your money to buy things like new fish for their fish tanks in the offices, and cadillacs, etc....not to help people.