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A good example of a bad democracy2005-03-24 20:07:07kris

This is a perfect example of how democracy does not work. Look at the goals of democracy: to represent the people by creating a government run completely by elected officials. The entire election process is designed to give the citizens an accurate look at the canidates' policies. People win elections today by spending the most money, not by having the best views. Do those commercials on TV that depict a particular canidate holding a child in the middle of a sunny park juxtaposed against a black-and-white photo of their opponent getting angry in a court room give you the best view of their policies? NO! The entire process has become a game-like nationwide brainwashing session. The result of this is a government that does not represent its people as well as it should. We need to straighten up this system or abandon it altogether if we want our grandchildren to grow up in a nation that is not so heavily based on advertising that it demands complete conformity.