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Constituent takes credit for prodding Blunt2005-04-18 13:38:59mambo

...too bad the DNR was not so concerned about the facts of the recycling plant stench in Carthage until questions were put to Rep. Roy Blunt at his last Easter Break listening sessions on Social Security. I was at the Carthage meeting and I also asked MR.Blunt why the DNR has done nothing about the E. coli bacteria counts that were recored 10 time higher than federal standards all last year as monitored by the Carthage High School Stream Team as well as some DNR samples that were even over 10 times higher.

Blunt acts to investigate odor source2005-04-18 13:25:45dan-w

Regarding the story on the RES plant, Congressman Blunt was the first elected federal or state representative to publicly demand a thorough investigation of the source of the odors. He will be back in Carthage during the next six weeks to reveal what he has learned about progress in determining the source of those odors.