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A.G. Nixon files appeal to save bridge2006-05-07 10:41:12mariwinn

Attorney General Jay Nixon has gone ahead and filed an appeal to Cole County Senior Judge Byron Kinder's decision (by the way, any relation to Peter Kinder who obviously is tight with Gov. Matt?) that Missouri had no property right to the Union Pacific Railroad bridge considered a part of the Katy Trail. Nixon is claiming that potential use of the bridge gives the state a property right that only the legislature can give up. 'Interesting that an editorial in the Springfield News-Leader goes against those health enthusiasts concerned about Kinder's decision jeapardizing the trail or establishment of future trails: and this commentary appears under an ad for their guide to parenting in the Ozarks! Give that editor another Krispy Kreme donut. BTW, in a May 5 column, Gov. Blunt makes a reference to the Katy Trail. He calls the Katy Trail Challenge set up by the Missouri Departments of Health and Senior Services and Natural Resources "an endeavor to encourage healthy lifestyles." Oh, the irony of being a politician! Act now. Deal with the consequences later.
Updated: 2006-05-07 11:53:36

Jay Nixon loses battle to save Katy Trail bridge2006-04-29 20:50:18mariwinn

Cole County Senior Judge Byron Kinder ruled April 24, 2006, in favor of Gov. Matt Blunt's administration in a dispute with Attorney General Jay Nixon over the fate of an old Katy Railroad bridge. "My heart is with you, but my mind is not," Kinder told the attorney general's office and others trying to save the bridge. Deputy Attorney General Karen Mitchell said the office was likely to appeal Kinder's ruling, but MDNR's deputy director and general counsel, Kurt Schaefer hoped there would be no appeal, saying the lawsuit has been costly already, with the state funding both sides of the dispute.