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MoArk's technology is not new2005-05-30 10:22:06mambo

Tunnel ventilation is not new or innovative today. A large diameter plastic perforated round duct is suspended the length of the house above the cages and allows more even distribution of fresh air throughout the house. This has been around for 20 or so years. I have seen it installed back then. As the houses got bigger with more birds there was a problem with only bringing fresh air in at one end only. Saying that the house has this means nothing and does nothing for dust and particulate matter output at the exhaust fan exits. It does sound kind of neat and techy, I will give them that. Lee [Van Otterloo] travelled out to CO on a personal trip and stopped by in the course of the trip. Betz [Dr. Richard] was never asked by Moark to be taken out there as Dan Hudgens alluded to. Lee wanted to bring back eyewitness description of the town of Roggen and facility that we could trust. After reading about Roggen in such glowing terms many wanted to know if that was the reality of the situation out there. The facilities operating there and here do not compare due to climate differences.