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MDNR reponse to if air is hazardous2005-06-13 10:24:00mariwinn

In response to a reader's inquiry if anybody tested what pollutants attributable to RES production were in the air when RES produced the greatest stink, I sent a message to Camille Dobler, the MDNR Environmental Specialist out of the Neosho Satellite Office and she forwarded my request on to Terry Rowles, MDNR Air Pollution Control specialist. The reply: "You requested that someone contact you regarding the ambient air monitoring which was conducted near the RES facility in Carthage. I have been requested to respond in my position with the Air Pollution Control Program as Unit Supervisor of the Air Monitoring Unit. Sampling was conducted at the RES facility during periods when odors were very evident using two different types of equipment, both of which can detect a broad spectrum of chemicals in the ambient air. Sample results did not show the presence of compounds associated with odors from the processing of animal remains, other than concentrations of ammonia well below its' odor threshhold. Clearly there were compounds in the air causing the odors, however DNR sampling did not find odorous levels for those we could detect. If odors occur in the future, we will consider whether additional sampling is warranted. Please contact me at 573-751-4817 if you wish to discuss the sampling that was conducted."