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You cannot do it!2005-08-15 15:42:42wtfisu

In the first place thoe whole thing is impossible and out of some storey book town! We have given many many blocks "window inspections". The failure rate was close to 90%, and we were being generious. They usually just have to much stuff to pass - boats, Rvs, camping trailors, antique cars, hauling trailors, riding lawn mowers, regular lawn mowers, various sorts of equipment (tarped and not), and even wave runers stored right out in plain view (how nasty can these people get! For shame!) Guttering not in shape, privacy fences not painted and in ill repair, the street numbers were of improper size or missing or improperly hung, some cracks in foundations, stagnant water in ponds and bird baths, items not stored in an enclosed structure and can be viewed from the street, firewood stacked in the front or at the side of house where it can be seen from the street or by neighbor, usually one questionably operable vehicle seen from the street - usually without a license or "tarped" inappropriately placed, trees and shrubs not trimed properly with reference to highth, location,and branches coming down too far, and gasp of all gasps - trash cans were viewed from the street and commonly at the sides of house - in full view of the neighbors, I am not sure how much I am traumatized by my neighbor's trash cans at the side of our houses and I am unsure just how much he is traumatized by mine. (I guess we never really thought about it and assumed the offending cans to be just a part of life.) Trash set out more than 24 hours before pickup! (what animals!) We even saw "improper trash containers, with improper plastic bags! Branches hanging over sidewalk too low. Sidewalks in horrable disrepair. (Hey isnt the sidewalk a city problem?) Swimming pools improperly fenced, with wrong kind of gate. Wrong kind of fence. Articled from pool left in plain sight! (Is nothing sacred?) Now for the most suprising fact!! All of these violation inspections were done ONLY in the finest areas of town! Have fun with your new code! Enforcement may require the national guard, or bringing back troops from abroad. Chris Fenix M.S.