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City Dunp2006-01-08 22:16:38kaljeera

I'm sorry I disagree with most of your comments. Joplin is starting to look like the city dump. No one has any pride left. I guess the slum lords are taking over. I would like to think that the citizens of Joplin would want the city to look better. For example that dump on main street close to 10th street the building they use for a haunted house. Where is that owner that is a total disgrace to the community. I think that Mr. Roher is trying to make our town better. If you want to own property just as a tax write off amd won't keep the property up then GET OUT OF OUR TOWN. As for that citizens group they don't speak for me. Wake up Joplin and smell the coffee we need to move forward not backwards. IT's called progress and if your town has unkept and broken down buildings corporations wont want to move their business in town. So either clean up or just let Joplin fade away and stay a nothing nowhere town. Remember its the uneducated and the ill-informed that refuse to move forward. The choice is yours will you be one to make the right choice or choose to stay stagnet.