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There's more2005-07-16 21:44:12pkirkman

If you're a trucker, you better find someplace else to park your tractor according to the code. And if you have a boat or a camper, you can't park those in your drive, either. I don't know about business, but this code is already generating anger, and just wait until they start handing out citations!

Land o'plenty2005-07-13 00:26:31hobo

Jiminey! Someone, please, tell the new guy, Mr. Rohr, that the doorless Westinghouse reefer on the front porch, the blue '49 Ford on blocks in the side yard, and the overturned iron bathtub in the back yard out by the fence are signs of WEALTH in these parts. Everyone knows that! Maybe in time he'll get it.
Updated: 2005-07-13 12:28:52