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Fear of Freemont expansion2005-10-15 10:44:24btierney

I am a concerned citizen at Lakeview, Indian Lake area, which is located in Ohio. Freemont Farms is in the process of buying farm land here to put in a Mega chicken farm. I read your article from the people who sent their trip notes on what they discovered on their visit. All this and more is what we are all afraid of happening to our community. We are a resort area. We have 2 schools within 2 miles and 3 others within 5 miles. We are trying to gather as much factual material as we can to present to the people who live here. We are banning together to try and stop them from moving here. We have been hearing from people from other areas the problems they have encountered. Any information from people in your area that will help us would be greatly appreciated.