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Avian flu will hit home...why more chickens?2005-10-15 09:37:41ljpoole

They're having to destroy not only wild birds infected, but also infected poultry in Turkey & other countries including Europe already. This is a big $$$ hit to the owners of these poultry over there, too. After all, this ain't like ole' Bush's "War on Terror": If we fight 'em Over There, we won't have to fight 'em here!" he says. Well, migratory birds & the Bird Flu virus aren't a gonna listen to our brave, courageous, sacrificing "Commander-in-Chief! Of course we know the Terrorists are using the Iraq War as a "Training Ground" to hone their skills. "Over There" will come back to haunt the Homefront, no matter what Pres. Bush says...My dad is from Doniphan, MO, my mom is from Oxley. I have relatives on my mom's side in Poplar Bluff, too. Missouri is such a pretty state this time of year...Linda (Jenkins) Poole, Kevil, KY