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Postscript to SBC complaint2005-12-02 13:47:00mariwinn

In spite of what their company representative Marlene had told me, I was not credited the long distance monthly charge. Another agent with whom I spoke today said that the charge wouldn't be removed because my July statement clearly informed me that SBC was instituting a monthly charge for the Just Call service. They credited me a pro-rate of 14-cents which means that they are willing to fight me on the full credit, resulting in a final credit of just $2.11. I resent the fact that although their agent made a promise to credit the account, she didn't follow through, nor did she call me back to explain why. Apparently, we need more competition for local phone service. If anyone is happy with another local phone service for Missouri, let me know.

SBC Applies Blunt Force2005-11-01 14:48:40kandu

mariwinn, Keep listening to that inner voice that tells you to gripe. It means you're paying attention. As to SBC, thanks for that bit of info...I've been battling them for 2 months in re to their billing practices, so far to no avail.....and I'm just trying to get copies of bills! Now lets take it another step. Guess who you can thank for many of the newly enacted fees and charges we've been saddled with? That would be our "family values" representative, Roy Blunt. He has taken unconscionable amounts of money from SBC lobbyists and other telecommunication companies in exchange for his help in getting legislation passed that allows the type of "hidden charges" that you are talking about. It's all about big business and the bottom line...screw the little consumer. Roy even uses a telecommunications corporate jet (Verizon, I think, but not sure w/out checking) to fly to various Republican districts to help "spread the wealth of pac money" that he and Tom DeLay seem to "share." Can you hear me now, Roy? Can you hear me now?